Tuesday, April 23, 2019


HOW DOES HISTORY SHAPE US AND HOW DO WE SHAPE HISTORY - Research Paper ExampleWords have always had a great influence on people in the past. However, the trend is changing as time passes by. Mario Vargas Llosa has make the observation that umpteen another(prenominal) people nowadays are lacking the motivation and passion to subscribe to. On many occasions, gentlemen approach his book store to buy books for their wives and kids. These men claim that they cannot afford enough time to read since they are engrossed in their day to day activities. What has changed? Where did the compassion go? Men have got many obligations and responsibilities in life. They claim that they would not spend time burying their faces deep in to books. Statistics show that literary productions is becoming a female thing. More women are interested in reading than men. Some excuse that middle class women can be able to read more because they work for fewer hours than men. Its a pity for the men who are unaw are of the pleasure that they are missing. A society in which the works of literature are hidden is full of vices. One of the key factors influencing the peoples interest in literature and reading habits is science and technology (Llosa, Mario).Science and technology can fail to play an integrating role. there is infinite richness of knowledge which has led to specialization. Literature will always be the common denominator of both experiences. Literature has enabled individuals from all walks of life to transcend accounting. Literature has always protected people against prejudice, racism and semipolitical sectarianism. Literature has always acted as weapon in the fights against discrimination, fear as well as exploitation. Therefore, without literature, history is as good as dead (Llosa, Mario)..Still on the subject of literature, William Faulkners speech reveals more. He feels that the award was given to him as a result of his hard work in the field of literature. He dedicate s the award to writers like him be it men

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